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            :::::  NEWS  :::::
            Summer only! Vision cools down by 10°C in 1 second!

            Hot summer

            Color gradient

            It is the secret of visual cooling by 10°C

            Party 01

            Hi FUN Gradient Ripple Cup - Shunda Double Wall Paper Cup Machine SMD-80A

            Gradient corrugated cup

            bumpy texture

            Gives the cup body the form of layers of waves

            Provides cool, relaxing reverie for summer

            While achieving anti-scald protection

            Its non-slip texture adds extra points to the hand

            Party 03

            Hi FUN Gradient Icecream Cup - Shunda Paper Cup Machine SMD-90

            Dreamy pantone gradient design

            Bring coolness to the hot summer

            Sea Salt Blue, Ice Mist Purple, Cream Yellow

            A cup to capture the leisure time in summer

            you are still waiting for the hot summer

            Are you troubled by off-season marketing?

            A unique summer cooling packaging solution

            Help products sell well

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