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What makes you a great band leader? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Band leaders have to be a number of things.

P - professional / promoter

R - relaxed

O - organized


B - business minded

A - accountant

N - never ending job seekers

D - detail oriented


L - lead

E - employer / employee

A - always have a backup plan

D - drive / decisive

E - exhaustive

R - ready


A band leader has the daunting task of booking gigs and everything that comes along with that. Before gigging, there is preparation. The band leader is responsible for acquiring rehearsal space, deciding on what songs need to be rehearsed, providing sound, if not already provided and sometimes coming up with the flow of the show. 


Of course this is all assuming you already have a band.


As for the actual performance, a band leader has to wear multiple hats. When dealing with clients, whether it be a wedding, club owner, restaurant, festival, concert or any other venue, he/she has to be professional and somewhat accommodating. Making your interactions with others easy will keep you working. You have to organize the details of the gig, including pay, date, set list, call time, attire, start and end time, and sound requirements.


The most important part of the band is having talented, dedicated and professional musicians. And, one of your back-up plans should be to always have available musicians a text or phone call away.


Pro Musician’s List was created by musicians and industry professionals for musicians and industry professionals. We knew that band leaders everywhere could benefit from a simple solution that would help them manage their band. With PML, you can keep the details of each gig, including client info, manage band members, create set lists and easily communicate with the band via text and email. As if that weren’t enough, you can also create your “Band Page” with photos, videos, audio, gig calendar and allow your clients and others to check your availability. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

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